When creating our massage offer, we have tried to help the younger and older age group find the right forms of massage to get rid of the stress and pain of monotonous weekdays. Leave your worries behind; pamper yourself with our refreshing, sports and detox massages, energy therapies.

Refreshing Swedish massage

(with lavender-mandarin or orange-cinnamon aroma oil)

During Swedish massage, the masseur uses smoothing, rubbing, kneading, tapping and vibrating movements to refresh your body and soul. It relaxes your body, improves well-being, relieves stress and anxiety as well as pain and cramps, improves muscle condition and performance.

Relaxing refreshing massage (upper back, shoulders, neck)

Full Swedish back massage (back, shoulders, neck, arms, and palms)

Full Swedish body massage

(full back, arms, palms, feet (thighs, calves, from back and front))

30'               19 €

40'               25 €

50'               31 €

Back Massage

Sports Massage

(with peppermint-rosemary aroma oil)

By using the techniques of Swedish massage, it provides a more powerful and intense massage experience that also affects deep muscles. In addition to its soothing effect, it relieves muscle spasms, pains caused by stiff muscles, and relaxes stiff, seized muscles.

Back massage for relieving muscle knots

Full back sports massage (back, shoulders, neck, arms, palms)

Full body sports massage (full back, arms, palms, feet (thighs, calves, from back and front))

30'               19 €

40'               25 €

50'               31 €

Back Massage

Detoxifying massage

With this massage technique, the body's immune system and toxins accumulated between organs and tissues are affected through the lymphatic pathways. The lymphatic massage activates the lymphatic system, detoxifies, strengthens and harmonizes the immune system with gentle smoothing movements, stimulating the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways.

Partial lymphatic massage (feet or upper body)

Full lymphatic massage

30'               19 €


50'               31 €

Swedish Massage

Energy treatments

Access bars® anti-stress head treatment         50'       44 €

The treatment is done by touching the 32 Bar points on the head, which causes the brain waves to slow down and make stored belief systems accessible. The Access bars treatment generates very relaxing and gentle theta, delta and gamma brain waves while clearing off and relieving fixed viewpoints, negative feelings, physical-psychological pains, judgments, and criticism, stored in the subconscious, from all the 32 areas of life.

Head Massage

Access facelift® anti-wrinkle treatment

for face and décolleté                                      50'       44 €

Access facelift treatment is done with a pleasant, soothing laying on of hands that is done by gently touching the face, neck and décolleté using 29 different energies. The treatment transforms, elevates and rebuilds the body at the cellular level. It does not only renew the skin and makes the body more elastic, but also removes judgments, belief systems, fixed points of view, stored in the subconscious, that affect our appearance.

Reiki Treatment
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