House rules

Dear Guests,


The staff at Tokajer Wellness Guesthouse do their utmost to ensure that the time our guests spend at us is in line with their expectations and demands. Therefore, we ask you to take note of and comply with the following.



Air-conditioning               All rooms at the guesthouse have air conditioning, the use of which is free of charge. The cooling is controlled by a pre-set temperature and the                                                         cooling level is adjustable. Please turn the air conditioner off when you are not in the room.


Bicycle rental                   Bike rental in the guesthouse is free of charge (deposit required). For more information, or for making an appointment, please contact the front desk.                                               Bicycles can be used at the guest’s own risk.


Breakfast                          As a standard service, our guesthouse provides buffet breakfast (in case of a smaller number of guests breakfast is served) in the restaurant                                                             and on the terrace. Breakfast time: 8.00 – 10.00.

                                           Breakfast is available during breakfast time in the restaurant and on the terrace. We kindly ask our guests not to take away the food and drinks                                                         provided by the guesthouse from the breakfast area.


Camera system               There is a closed-circuit camera system in the common areas of the guesthouse (except changing rooms, toilettes), including the car park and                                                           outside areas of the accommodation, for security and safety reasons. The recordings will be used or deleted according to the applicable legal                                                           requirements. 


Check-in,                           Our guests can check into the rooms from 14.00 and the rooms can be used until 10.00 on the day of departure. Early check-in and late checkout          check-out                          are subject to availability. In this case, we will charge an extra fee, about which you can have more information at the front desk.


Conditions for                  We kindly ask our guests for the proper use of the guesthouse and its services. The guest accepts the terms and conditions as well as the policy          use of services                 upon booking. The guest can use the services of the guesthouse only at his/her own risk. Services are only available during opening hours.

                                           Guests under the age of 18 can only use the services of the guesthouse at the responsibility of the parent(s).


Damages                          The guest shall be liable for any damages caused to the service provider or a third party as a result of the fault of the guest or his / her companion                                                   or other people under his / her responsibility.


Errors                                Guests are kindly requested to inform the front desk of any malfunctions found in the area of the guesthouse or the rooms.


Keys                                   Keys provided to the guests upon check-in: entrance door key, room key, safe key. We kindly ask our guests to keep the entrance door of the                                                               accommodation building and the room door closed at all times. Upon check-out, please deliver the keys at the reception. If the keys are lost, the                                                       cost of replacing the locks and the keys will be borne by the guest. During the day, the keys can be deposited at the front desk for safekeeping.


Leisure games                 Leisure games (billiards, darts, table football, table tennis, children's playground) are located next to the corridor connecting buildings A and B.                                                           All guests under the age of 14 can only use the services with parental control.


Massage                           Massage is available for a fee, which requires prior appointment made at the front desk. For more information, please read our massage guide or                                                     contact the front desk.


Other                                 Your additional consumptions and services will be charged to your room bill.



Opening hours                 Reception:                            8.00 – 20.00

                                           Reception bar:                     8.00 – 22.00

                                           Wellness and fitness:          8.00 – 20.00

                                           Leisure games:                    8.00 – 21.00

                                           Bicycle rental:                      8.00 – 19.00

                                           Massage:                              8.00 – 20.00 (The latest massage appointment starts at 19.00)


Parking                              Use of a camera-monitored outside car park is free of charge. There is a limited number of courtyard parking places monitored by a camera,                                                               subject to availability and payment of a parking fee. The guesthouse shall not be liable for valuables left in the vehicle in its parking lot or for                                                             damage caused by third parties in the vehicle. If the damage occurs for reasons attributable to the guesthouse, the case will be investigated and                                                       the damage will be compensated.


Peace of mind                  We kindly ask our guests to respect the peace of mind of other guests and do not disturb it with a loud noise, especially after 10.00 pm.

of guests                       


Pets                                    Pets are allowed in the pension only after prior arrangement, subject to the guest's constant supervision and upon payment of a surcharge.                                                                Our guesthouse does not provide bedding for the pets in the room, and food, which is provided by our guest. Pets are allowed to use the communal                                                  areas only to access the room. Pets are not allowed in the wellness and fitness area, in the restaurant and on the terrace during breakfast.                                                                  The guest is fully responsible for any damage caused by the pet, which is required to pay on the spot. Pets must not interfere with the operation of                                                    the guesthouse, and the calmness of our guests.


Smoking                            Smoking is forbidden in the rooms, restaurant and public areas of the guesthouse; smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.                                                                   Designated smoking areas:

  • Terrace in front of the reception (smoking is not allowed during breakfast time)

  • Next to the in-yard car park


Telephone                         Emergency:                         112

                                           Ambulance:                         104

                                           Fire department:                 105

                                           Police:                                   107


Valuables,                         The pension accepts no responsibility for personal belongings (including items in the room safe) left in the public areas and rooms.

found objects                   The pension is only responsible for valuables, securities and cash if you have explicitly taken them for safekeeping. Guests are kindly requested to                                                    bring items found at the guesthouse to the reception.


Visitors                              The rooms can be used only by registered guests of the guesthouse. Visitors are welcomed in the lobby of the reception or on the terrace                                                                    front of the reception.


Wellness                            Our wellness and fitness facilities are located on the ground floor of Building B and our outdoor pools are located next to Buildings B and D.                    and fitness                        Except for massages and solarium, the services of the guesthouse are free of charge. There is an increased risk of slipping in these areas and the                                                      guesthouse is not responsible for any resulting accidents. For more information about the services, please read the information sheets in the room.


Wi-Fi                                   Network:               Tokajer Guest

                                            Password:             09082016Guest



Fire prevention


Fire prevention


  • To avoid fires, please smoke only in designated areas of the guesthouse. Smoking is not allowed in the guest rooms, restaurants, public areas! Designated smoking areas: The terrace in front of the reception (not allowed during breakfast) and the designated palce next to the courtyard parking.


  • Please turn off the electrical equipment before leaving the room


  • Do not leave the TV set unattended!


  • Do not use your own baking and heating equipment or iron in the room!


  • Do not place textiles or other flammable materials on the lamps.


  • If any electrical appliance is faulty, please do not use it or please report it to the reception.



In case of fire


  • Please inform the reception and report the place of fire immediately!


  • Please check the position of the staircase, emergency exits and fire extinguishers.


  • Find the nearest emergency exit, following the escape route on the room door. The escape routes in the hotel corridors are marked by green signs.


  • Immediately leave the building following the appropriate escape route.


  • Follow the instructions of the staff and keep calm!



Further information about our services and their use is available at the hotel reception. We are confident that the time you devoted to relaxation will be convenient, joyful and untroubled, and our services will meet your expectations.

We kindly ask our guests to contact our colleagues if they have any remarks regarding our guesthouse, services or anything else, so that we could answer any of their questions or solve any of their problems.


We wish you a pleasant stay at Tokajer Wellness Guesthouse!

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